In Barbados we have mastered the art of fine living. And offer daily lessons for those who seek to do the same. Here at Barbados you’ll discover a vibrant culture passionate in spirit and full of life. A place where refined luxury and exceptional culinary delights dance and mingle among lush tropical greenery, limpid blue waters and warm golden sunlight. Spend a day on a white sandy beach. Try some flying fish. Enjoy a rum punch. Learn to trade the rush, rush for the slow and easy. Just give us a few days and you won’t remember the old you. Let us teach you how to truly live. Come celebrate living. Come Long Live Life. Visit



Destination Guyana’ is a paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and the Eco-tourist alike. We boast an irresistible combination of fascinating and breathtaking natural beauty; pristine Amazonian rainforests; immense waterfalls; amazing wildlife; blended with a vibrant indigenous culture, rich heritage and the most hospitable and friendly people in the world. Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America. A must is a visit to Kaieteur Falls, reachable by small plane, both to experience the power of the tallest single-drop waterfall in the world. Georgetown is the capital of Guyana, it is the country’s largest urban centre. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Demerara River and it was nicknamed ‘Garden City of the Caribbean. Visit



Haiti is a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to its east. Though it’s still recovering from a 2010 earthquake, many of Haiti’s landmarks dating to the early 19th century remain intact. These include Citadelle la Ferrière, a mountaintop fortress, and the nearby ruins of Sans-Souci Palace, the baroque former royal home of King Henry I. French is the official language, but Haitian Creole French is the most widely used language in Haiti. Visit



Suriname, formerly the colony of Netherlands Guiana or Dutch Guiana, is a country in Northern South America. It has a North Atlantic Ocean coastline in the north and is surrounded by French Guiana to the east, Brazil to the south and Guyana to the west. It is the smallest independent country on the South American continent. With almost a third of the country being declared national reserves, Suriname’s main tourist attraction are its vast natural lands and the diversity of flora and fauna in them. Head to the beaches of Galibi to witness the impressive breeding process of large Leatherback sea turtles. Or spot dolphins on the Suriname River. The capital Paramaribo itself is a pleasant place and its historic inner center is a Unesco World Heritage site.  Dutch is the official language, but Sranang Tongo is the most widely used language in Suriname. Although speaking English is widely understood. Visit


Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a country on the southern part of a Caribbean island shared with Saint Martin, a French overseas collectivity. Natural landscapes span lagoons, beaches and salt pans, while the capital, Philipsburg, has cobblestone streets and colorful, colonial-style buildings lining its Front Street shopping area. The port is a popular cruise-ship stop. The official languages are Dutch & English. Visit