The Company


To be an epitome of responsibility and innovation and provide customers with an
unforgettable experience and service


Be the airline that everyone looks up to when it comes to customer service. Ensure that the
customers are served with respect and responsibility

What We Do

FlyAllways endeavors to be the hallmark of hospitality. We strive to ensure that anyone who travels with us gets a true taste of what Caribbean hospitality is all about. We don’t only intend to make your journey pleasant but also memorable and comfortable.

Of course, there’s always a chance for things not to go as planned. Some delays are inevitable. However, we will endeavor to ensure that you are informed beforehand of such delays, diversions, and cancellations. Your convenience matters to us which is why we will update you via several platforms.

The measures we take including posting about them on our website, using available flight information display systems, airport announcements, and on-board announcements. We may also communicate with you via telephone, email, or text message. For us, nothing matters more than the safety and security of our customers and crew members. FlyAllways will always take all the required measures to ensure that the flight proceeds smoothly with minimum risks.

How We Do It

Our aim is to provide the most convenient air transportation to our customers while
catering to all their requirements. FlyAllways has a fleet of Fokker 70 aircraft, which we also
offer for private group air transportation.

Our purpose is to ensure that the journey is a delightful experience for all concerned. Of
course, we realize that everyone has different preferences and expectations. That’s why we
personalized services and flight amenities and give you a choice to go for a charter.
So are you ready for a memorable flight? You know what to do!