Are you traveling to Dushi Korsou, Curaçao for the first time?

Traveling to the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao is exciting, especially when you travel alone. A first time flight to any destination Fly Allways offers can be overwhelming. We are here to help you to take the first step in overcoming a barrier.

Your curiosity and our offer brought you to take the first step to fulfill your dream goal: visiting the beautiful island Curaçao- a sunny place with an ocean view. The first thing you already planned on doing is buying a ticket and having a budget. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. With a small budget it is easy to manage a simpel local exploring experience. If you have friends or family living on the island, one of your challenges are solved. When you don’t have either, the people of Curaçao are super friendly and will lend a hand to give you a great experience. They live up to their motto: “Bon Bini na Dushi Korsou – Welcome to Nice Curaçao”.

As you may already figured out Dushi is a nickname on this Island for many thing. In Curaçao people speak Dutch and Papiamentu (or Papiamento). Papiamento is best described as a mixture of Spanish, Dutch, English, French and African languages. The word Dushi most likely comes from the Spanish word ‘dulce’, which means sweet. It has many different meanings and there is no literal translation for it, but one thing is clear: it is always positive. Five examples of how this word is used:
1. When it comes to food it is often used to say it’s very tasty. Your food doesn’t have to be sweet for it to be dushi!
2. People often use the word dushi to express their love or gratitude for someone. For example, if you receive a beautiful gift from someone, you can respond with “Danki, esta dushi”, meaning “Thank you, that’s very sweet”.
3. Antillean men love their women and like to express their feelings to them. Of the many words and nicknames to do so, dushi is most commonly used. It is not used exclusively by significant others, but often also outside of relationships – it doesn’t have to be a romantic gesture. “Mi Dushi” means “My Darling”, while “Danki Dushi” – which means “Thanks Babe” – could also be said to a stranger. Note that it is not always appropriate to do so. Additionally, Dushi is also often applied to children.
4. It is often used to let someone know you find them sexy or attractive. Both men and women can be dushi – it is for everyone to use and be. The word dushi is not only being used on Curaçao; in the Netherlands (Curaçao is part of the Dutch Kingdom) it has become part of slang.
5. Dushi Korsou was originally the title of the national anthem, but today it is just one of the best ways to describe the island. It’s not just nice, beautiful or sweet, but it’s all of the above and so much more. In short: it’s Dushi.

Arriving at Hato International Airport, you have arrange your pick up. Go with either a taxi, a bus or a rental car. At the airport there is a money exchange loket to change to Caribbean guilder (1.79 ANG- 1 USD).
The centrum of Curaçao is between two most famous neighborhoods; Punta and Otrobanda, they are connected by a floating bridge. Experience the view from the waterfront, especially when cruise ships have to pass by. Note that when you are on the bridge and can’t reach the shore on time, it takes 15 minutes before the bridge connects the two places. The Old Market is were you can enjoy the different various of foods. Locals favorite food is called Pishka ku Funchi, fresh fish paired with polenta, fried plantain and topped off with traditional sauce which is poured over the fish and served with a salad, this dish is as fresh and revitalizing as they come. But the Kabritu Stoba, a common dish you’ll find around the Caribbean is an all time favorite. Stoba is a hearty and spicy meat stew traditionally using goat meat, but some use also beef and pork. This versatile dish can be eaten with either rice or funchi (Dutch Antilles Cornmeal). Definitely a comfort food at its finest!

When you are a little settled by the view and food of Curaçao, go and take a stroll to the nearby beaches. The nightlife in Curaçao is very on point; Zanzibar beach and restaurant is always peachy, because you can party next to a beach- party and swim who doesn’t want that! If you want to go to ‘Grote Knip’ and ‘Kleine Knip’ take a drive, this is the best part visiting the island. During the drive the scenery is breath taking, also a little bit ‘scary’. When you go to all the popular beaches you will definitely drive through a gateway or passage of trees that intertwined and gives you the feeling driving through a tunnel. It’s magnificent, ‘scary’ and even magical. You can and will see the ocean view or drive next to the shore. There is so much to explore, especially the caves at the beaches, the very popular touristy ones are Hato & Blue Room cave, ask locals for the unexplored ones. Try swimming in the night, the water glisters like diamonds, and the open sky with the stars and milky way welcomes you with open arms, very romantic indeed.
As you will enjoy the nightlife, the mornings and the afternoons, Dushi Curaçao will leave you tanned and glowing.

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