The three shopping areas in Curaçao

How about that- not only do you enjoy the island breeze, the nice sun on the beaches, you want to explore the shopping area of Curaçao. The island has plenty of shops to indulge yourself. It’s impossible to visit every store on the island. We have three shopping area listed for you to take a look. 

  1. Rif Fort Village: 

This shopping mall is on Ontro Banda, next to the shore, where the cruise ships are passing by. At this point you can see the floating queen Emma bridge. Not only are there tons of stores where you can indulged yourself, after the shopping spree, your belly will need some fuel to motivate and continue the trip. At this same spot restaurants will be at your service; the Grab n Go, Starbucks, Cocktail bars and other fancy restaurants. If you are bored which will never be the case there is entertainment to pick from; a movie theater, music bars and not to forget the casino. The best part of Rif Fort Village is that it is open till 11pm. 

Summer Shopping in red dress

 2. Sambil Curaçao: 

A shopping area in Piscadera, another place on the island. To get to Piscadera you can take a cab, drive or take a bus. It all depends on your adventure style. This shopping center is open around 11am, a good time for a nice brunch. It is also very close to the beaches Blauwbaai and Kokomo Beach Curaçao. Did you know that this area has a kids park called the Kids Park Curaçao? A cocktail terras ‘Terrasa Calirmar Curaçao’ with the view of Piscaderabaai; breathtaking. The area is also filled with entertainment like a movie theater. Sambil Curaçao is open till 8pm but other stores around the area are open till 10pm.

3. La Curaçao 

A department store in Curaçao with plenty of gift to buy for family or friends back home or living on the island. This store opens at 9am, very convenient when you are not an early waker. Curaçao has two of ‘La Curaçao – the first is a 6 minute drive from the airport and the other one is 8 min drive from Punda. Since October 30th this department store is also open on the Sundays. They are basically the Walmart of Curaçao; everything is cheap and you can find everything from clothing, shoes, bags, bikini’s and towels to home products. This store is open till 6pm. Curaçao has plenty and we try to at least give you some guidance to the places that are a must go to when visiting. 

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