Our company has a fleet of Fokker 70 aircrafts with 80 comfort seats

Yes. FlyAllways planes are able to fly to and from destinations throughout the Caribbean and South America. You can choose what destination to depart. For example, you can charter FlyAllways to fly your group direct from Barbados – Grantley Adams International Airport to St Maarten – Princess Juliana International, or from Trinidad to Cartagena in Colombia or Georgetown Guyana to Las Américas International Airport in Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic. There are numerous possibilities. Just ask us for a quotation, and we are always happy to help you.


Yes. The entire baggage capacity of the aircraft is dedicated to your group and no extra or overweight baggage fees apply.

Yes. Your group can come from a various number of locations and plan to meet in the charter’s originating city that would be pre-selected by you. Your charter fight may also be arranged to pick up and drop off passengers in multiple locations.

You can do anything, from culinary options or special meals designed to accommodate your group, or have the arrival and departure times adjusted to your needs.

Charter Airlines such as FlyAllways can allow most of their flights to be boarded using only a boarding pass. In the event tickets are needed, FlyAllways will provide these at no additional cost.

Yes. You are allowed unlimited changes to the passenger manifest free of fees or penalties.

The cost for chartering our Aircraft is depending on a number of factors including departure city, destination city, aircraft location and costs to get airplane to and from the requested cities. Please make contact with us by mail or call, so we can discuss your specific needs and our Charter Specialist will advise you to find the best value for your travel plans.

FlyAllways has Safety as number one priority. We follow only the highest standards of I.C.A.O and Civil Aviation Authorities. These are the same standards mandated for all major airlines in the world.

Yes, In case of a company-incurred delay, FlyAllways will perform any or all of the following at no additional cost to you:

  • Assurance that all our resources will be committed to our top priority: customer’s safety and comfort.
  • Complimentary amenities consistent with the nature of the delay.

Most times FlyAllways aircraft are chartered to fly between cities or countries that have a limited scheduled flight service, or do not offer no non-stop flights. Another advantage with a chartered plane is that scheduled airlines can charge $20 – $120 in additional fees per person for baggage. Especially with sport equipment.  With FlyAllways, the entire cargo area of the plane is reserved for your group at no additional cost. Another advantage is on the point that other airlines may charge up to $120 to change a name, or restrict it completely, there is no charge for this service at FlyAllways. While the cost of the charter may exceed scheduled airline costs, it’s important to factor in these issues, as well as the convenience factors of scheduling the flight at whatever time meets your needs, and select any suitable airport you wish to use. Sometimes the savings come in the form of cost avoidance for all the scheduled carrier fees extra charges. Sometimes, chartering with FlyAllways is the only way to arrive at your destination by air, avoiding lengthy ground transfers. And additional savings for your group on hotel nights, due to the tailor made schedule.