What are the baggage restrictions?
Checked baggage will be restricted to an absolute maximum of twenty three kilos (23 kg.) or fifty point six pounds (50.6 lbs.) for any one passenger per piece. Any piece of baggage weighing more than twenty three kilos (23 kg.) or fifty point six pounds (50.6 lbs.) or exceeding overall dimensions (length plus width plus height) 200 cm / sixty two inches (78 ins.) may not be accepted for carriage as checked baggage, due to aircraft space limitation.
Are Surfboards, Sailboards, Bicycles, and Musical instruments acceptable as baggage?
Surfboards, Sailboards, Bicycles and Musical instruments are not included in passengers free baggage allowance and are accepted as excess baggage on a space available basis only. This is a Special Service Request (SSR). If you would like to travel with items which are not considered as checked baggage (luggage), you must inform this to FlyAllways when you make a booking. Another option is to mention this 48 hours prior to departure for transportation of these goods. Security must then approve the transportation and an email will be send when/if it has been approved.
What is considered excess baggage?
All baggage over and above the free baggage allowance of twenty kilos (23 kg.) or fifty pounds (50 lbs.) and above the dimension of 55 cm long x 25 cm width x 120 cm height per adult/child passenger and excluding the items mentioned above as personal items will be charged for at the appropriate excess baggage rate. Excess baggage rates can be found on our Baggage Regulations page.
What is my free baggage allowance?
Each adult/child passenger has a free checked baggage allowance of twenty three kilos (23kgs) or fifty pounds (50lbs). With the maximum size of 55 cm long x 25 cm width x 120 cm height, together total 200 cm / seventy eight inches. (78 Inch.) This allowance does not include the Carry-On baggage allowance (unchecked baggage).
How many bags am I allowed to carry on?
Each passenger is allowed one (1) carry-on baggage which is subject to a maximum weight of 8 kilos or 17 pounds. The overall dimensions 35 cm long x 25 cm width x 55 cm height together total 115 cm / sixty two inches (45 inch.) In addition to the carry-on luggage, a customer may also carry a handbag or pocketbook, overcoat or wrap, umbrella or walking stick, camera, binoculars, Infant bag and reading material for the flight.
How do I report a baggage mishandling situation?
Notice of missing, damage, or pilferage of checked baggage must be given to FlyAllways at your destination airport, to the carrier ground personnel immediately upon arrival. You can also send a written claim to customer service within 3 days of arrival. Send this email to baggagecontrol@flyallways.com.

Boarding Passes

Where can I get my Boarding pass?
Boarding passes will be issued on check-in at the airport. Please note that each person still needs to follow all required procedures and show all legal documents which are required at a check in of an international flight.


Can I pay for my reservation with cash or cheques?
Boarding passes will be issued on check-in at the airport. Please note that each person still needs to follow all required procedures and show all legal documents which are required at a check in of an international flight.


Can I buy a ticket or other carrier service with children on www.flyallways.com ?
Yes: you can buy a ticket for your child/children online. Between the age of 02 and 12 years is considered a child booking. Note: minors/ children must have all legal documents, travelling with the parents or adult. FlyAllways does transport unaccompanied minors under special conditions.
Can I bring my child’s car seat on board?
On special request; we can approve infant seats being accepted in the cabin when an additional seat is purchased at a child’s fare for the infant, if space is available. Note: Bassinets, infant seats and strollers may be accepted as checked baggage at no extra charge, and are not considered part of the customer’s free baggage allowance.


Why is the offered fare no longer available?
FlyAllways flights are capacity controlled, which means as each flight sells, your fare may no longer be available. All fares are quoted as “currently” and are only guaranteed at the time of purchase. FlyAllways offers a range of fares. All fares are subject to change until purchase, without prior notice.

International Travel

What documentation is required when I travel?
Traveling on FlyAllways is considered International travel. All passengers are required to present a valid passport with a minimum valid period of 6 months before expiration date of the passport at the FlyAllways check-in counter. Passengers are responsible for all documentation to travel to their destinations countries. We recommend all passengers to check in the webpage of the destination countries (Embassies / Consulates) the required documentation to enter the county. (Note: Check in can be denied if documents are not complete) It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have the correct documents needed for travel to any destination. Passengers must also carry a copy of their itinerary as proof of their onward or return journey.


What type of pets do you allow?
FlyAllways does not transport pets.


How do I obtain a refund?
At this moment all fares are refundable except promo and basic fares. The refund rules are demonstrated on the fare applied in the ticket.


What does a reservation mean?
It means that any request for carriage by a Passenger recorded by the Carrier or its Authorized Agent. Reservations will only be confirmed when they are recorded in the Carrier’s computerized reservation system. On the request of the Passenger, the Carrier shall provide a Reservation confirmation if space is available.And a reservation is final if a Passenger has paid all amounts due for the Ticket.
What are the reservation requirements?
You are required to bring your passport when making your reservation. If a Passenger has not paid all amounts due for the Ticket before the specified ticketing time limit indicated by the Carrier or its Authorized Agent, the Carrier shall be entitled to cancel the Reservation without notice and to allocate the seat to another Passenger, without having any further obligation towards the relevant Passenger who had not paid and with any liability on the part of the Carrier. Certain Fares are subject to conditions that limit or exclude the possibility of modifying or cancelling Reservations. How many passengers can be booked on a reservation? You may book up to nine (9) passengers on a single reservation.
If I want to book more than nine (9) passengers, what do I do?
If you would like to book more than (9) passengers in a single booking, you must go to one of the FlyAllways sales points in your city. A booking for 16 or more persons it’s considered group travel.
How far in advance can I book a reservation online?
Our flight schedules are loaded 180 days out; therefore, you are able to book reservations online up to almost six (6) months in advance.
How much is it if I change my reservations?
Change fees depends on the fare purchased. Please contact the FlyAllways ticket office in your city where our staff will be happy to assist you.
How do I correct a misspelled name on my reservation?
In order to correct the spelling of your name on your reservation, please contact your travel agency within one (1) hour after issuing your ticket. After this, only the FlyAllways ticket office applies to correct the spelling of your name on your reservation. Note: The holder of the ticket must be present with proper I.D. or passport. Charges may apply.


What is an electronic Ticket?
This means the Ticket saved by the Carrier or at its request by a computerized Reservation system and that is evidenced by the Travel Memo (also called the Itinerary and Receipt), the electronic Flight Coupon or any other document that has the same value, issued by the Carrier on its name.
When can I cancel my issued Ticket?
You may cancel your issued ticket up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight by contacting your travel agent, or the FlyAllways ticket office, where our staff will be happy to assist you. Depending of the fare rules penalties applies (each ticket has different fare rules).
Can I cancel an issued ticket online?
You cannot cancel a reservation online.

Special Service Requests

Can a customer request any special service requests through the Fly All ways website?
All special requests can be submitted during the time of your reservation. This can either be done through the booking system on our website, or at your travel agent and FlyAllways ticket offices. All special requests must be arranged during the purchase of your ticket. Note: If you don’t submit your special request while purchasing your ticket, you have the chance, while being at check in at the airport that the special request cannot be granted due to the limited available space on the aircraft.
Is it safe for me to send my credit card and personal information through reservations@flyallways.com?
FlyAllways will never request personal information through the internet.

Unaccompanied Minors

FlyAllways does accept unaccompanied minors under special conditions. For more information about unaccompanied minors services please contact one of our sales offices.


Is it allowed to smoke during the flight?
Smoking of any kind of tobacco or use of e-cigarettes is not allowed during your flight. Please note that smoking is also not allowed at the airport.

Electronic Equipment

What kinds of electronic equipment can I use on board?
Throughout all FlyAllways flights, you will need to use headphones if your device produces sound. You are allowed to use many types of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, media players, radios, cameras, headphones (except bluetooth and wireless equipment), handheld games, pagers and medical equipment. Specific info about the use of electronic equipment will be given to you by the cabin crew. These need to be set to airplane mode or have the cellular service switched off. You may need to use headphones, and larger or heavier types (such as laptops) need to be stowed during taxi, take-off and landing. Devices never allowed to be used on board are: e-cigarettes, personal air purifiers, remote control toys, televisions, transmitters, VHF scanner receivers and any device with cellular network service enabled. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are not allowed.

Food on Board

Can I bring my own food and drinks on board?
No, an exception is made for baby food, special diet foods and medications with the possibility to proof that you need these products during the flight. Drinking alcoholic beverages purchased duty-free are not allowed to consumed on board of the aircraft. Liquids carried in hand baggage are limited to quantities of no more than 100 ml. each and have to be put into a transparent plastic sealed bag. Any foods or beverages that you put in your hand baggage are subject to this rule as well.
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