Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo

A people-to-people interaction

A Colonial City experience and more

It won’t take you long to meet a local or notice the Dominican way of living. While modernism and globalization have modified the way of living through the city and other parts of Dominican Republic, Dominicans stayed the same in their people-to-people interaction. In the countryside the core values; courtesy and hospitality is much more visible. Lending a hand to a visitor or a neighbor and sharing a plate of food are considered normal. Family is important, you will see it when visiting a beach on weekends. They love spending their free time with family, cooking outdoors and sharing jokes. Romance runs through their blood, this is passionately shown in the way they dress and dance. The population and culture is enriched and influenced into a fascinating melting pot by the European, Asian and Middle Eastern communities since the 19th century. Dominicans explosive energy could be explained in their mélange of Taino, African, and European roots. Hence, their music that consists of Merengue, Bachata, Son, Popular and Folkloric music. No matter what religion it is, Dominicans are a people of faith with a strong belief in God.

Santo Domingo is best known for their Colonial City, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage site. Very popular are the two most prominent colonial monuments; The Cathedral and the home of Diego Columbus. This destination filled with arts, culture and museums could be the lifetime experience you need or you just need more adventure. An island where there is so much to see and to do from Music Events & Carnival Festival to Nature Adventures such as beaches, landscapes to find hidden caves and to hike or to mountain bike. Maybe you just want to enjoy the scenery with its flora & fauna. The diverse food is served at the most popular restaurants that are sited in the exquisite monumental buildings around this city. SDQ is tropical, and full of ‘cultural’ getaways. Did you think you would find Baseball events in Dominican Republic? Go and have some experiences outside Santo Domingo, the island is big enough for you to explore.